All group lessons

All group lessons

Olympos provides more than 50 group lessons a week. You can take part in these lessons with an OlymPas.


To download the group lessons schedule, please click here.


Do you not have an OlymPas pass or has it expired?
It is currently not possible to purchase a ‘separate’ OlymPas. This can only be done in combination with an online booking of a timeslot. If you wish to make a booking and you do not/no longer have a valid OlymPas, you will automatically be offered the option to buy an Olympos for a day, month or year (Payment via iDeal). Click here for the specific rates.

Rules of use and COVID safety regulations
In order to provide a safe environment it is important that everyone observes the rules of use and the COVID safety regulations. Make sure that you take note of all the regulations before you come to Olympos. Together we are able to ensure that everyone can play sports safely and responsibly. 

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