Frequently asked questions

Here you will find the answer to the most frequently asked questions.

OlymPas, membership and rates

To exercise at Olympos you need an OlymPas, our membership card. With the OlymPas you can enjoy all-in sports and participate flexibly and unlimitedly in a very wide range of sports.

With the OlymPas you can make flexible, virtually unlimited use of a very wide range of sports without additional costs.

If you want to become a member of a student sports club, you pay additional contributions to the club of your choice in addition to the OlymPas.
Furthermore, a small additional contribution is also requested for some courses (expensive sports and/or small groups with intensive supervision).

You can purchase the OlymPas at the Service Desk (payment with PIN or credit card) or online via the website on this page (payment iDeal). This can be done separately, or at the same time as booking a group lesson or booking a time slot, or registering for a course.

Are you new and if you do not yet have an account with Olympos, first create an account online for free at

Then go to the Service Desk to have your OlymPas printed. Click here to see which documents you need to bring and show at the Service Desk if you have your pass printed. A photo will be taken for your pass. You will receive a sticker with an expiry date for your pass.

You must always have your OlymPas with you when exercising and be able to show it upon request. From then on you can start exercising, reserve online lessons, book time slots and register for courses.

Olympos has partnership agreements with various educational institutions and companies, allowing students and employees of these organizations to purchase the OlymPas at a large discount. For this reason, Olympos uses different rate categories (A, B, C and X).

An overview of all rate categories and the associated rates can be found here.

Olympos also regularly holds promotions, so you can get even more discounts on the purchase of your OlymPas. Keep an eye on the Olympos website, newsletter or social media.

First check with the club of your choice if you can become a member (some clubs have long waiting lists).To become a member of one  of the affiliated student sports clubs (SSCs) you need an OlymPas. You also pay additional contributions to the club, and register at Olympos for free as a SSC-member.

Click here to read in detail what steps you need to take to become a member of an SSC.

Facilities and Rental options

The spacious and versatile accommodation at Olympos has various indoor and outdoor facilities and is very suitable for large and small events and sports activities. Click here for an overview of all facilities.

Yes that is possible. Activities from the extensive sports offering of the OlymPas take place in the versatile accommodation.

In addition, the facilities can also be rented and are suitable for various (sports) activities, events and meetings.

Click here for an overview of the options and rental rates

es, with a valid OlymPas it is possible to rent certain parts of the accommodation for free last minute for, for example, badminton, football, basketball, (beach) volleyball or hockey.

All users of the accommodation must have a valid OlymPas! That can also be a OlymPas Day card. Read more and view the conditions here.

Accessibility and parking

Sportcentrum Olympos is located at the Utrecht Science Park (USP) at Uppsalalaan 3.
You can find the accessibility of Olympos and information about public transport here. Information about parking near Olympos can be found here.

Olympos is usually open seven days a week.

Different opening hours apply to the Kalymnos climbing wall and Kratistos gym and strength sports location.

The regular and deviating opening hours (e.g. on public holidays) of Olympos and Kratistos can be found here. For Kalymnos you can find this information here.