Private individuals

Sports programmes

Our varied range of more than 70 sports is accessible to everyone, even when you are not a student or employee of one of the organisations Olympos has a partnership with. If rate categories A or B do not apply to you, you fall under the rate category C. This rate category applies to any of our activities you may wish to enroll in. 
Do you wish to view our range of sports programmes? Go to the overview of all sports programmes.

The OlymPas

The OlymPas offers flexible and unlimited access to a wde range of sports programmes. The OlymPas is available at the Service Desk or online, payment through iDEAL. More information is available at How to register.

’Tailor-made’ activities

In addition to the wide range of sports programmes we can also provide specific tailor-made sports activities. Do you wish to organise (or have us organise) a clinic or other event with your friends  colleagues, or company? The versatile Olympos facilities can also be rented out! Are you interested in renting a hall, room, court, or pitch for a tournament, clinic, sports day or other event. Olympos also boasts a number of meeting rooms and an excellent Sports CafĂ©, which offers a great atmosphere after a sports activity or meeting. 

  • Contact our Planning and Rental Coordinator on (030) 253 1667 or via

Olympos also offers tailor-made programmes for specific groups of athletes: