Rental options

The spacious and versatile facilities are well suited to hosting the various Olympos sporting activities. The facilities can also be rented for a range of (sports) activities, events and meetings.

Facilities rental

Are you interested in organising a sports day, tournament, company outing or other event with your club, colleagues or friends? You can rent a hall or pitch for any large sports or games events or just for a one-off game of football, tennis, volleyball or almost any other activity. You can even hire a trainer or instructor. Olympos is also available for a sports birthday party for your kid! 

Facilities rental for meetings, lectures, workshops and exams

Olympos has various meeting rooms available for holding lectures, workshops and other meetings. Obviously, it will be no problem at all to combine your meeting session with a sports activity such as an hour of spinning, yoga or other activity. Please ask about our options! 

Accommodation request

Do you want to book an accommodation? Please select one of the following options?

Hourly rates accommodation rental

Facilities rental with your OlymPas

OlymPas holders have the opportunity to rent parts of our facilities last minute (i.e. from three days before the actual rental date) free of charge. Click here for more information.

More information

For more information about the various possibilities and the availability of our facilities, get in touch with the Planning & Rental department, telephone number (030) 253 1667 (during office hours) or email

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