Sportcentrum Olympos is situated at the Utrecht Science Park, which is also home to Utrecht University, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, UMCU, the Hubrecht Institute, Genmab and other top research institutions, innovative companies and student housing complexes. The OlymPas, the all-in sports card of Sportcentrum Olympos, provides you with flexible and unlimited access to the sports centre’s wide range of sports programmes. Here you can check the overview of all the programmes covered by the OlymPas and the corresponding rates.

Discount rates for employees

Employees of the following partner institutions benefit from the cooperation with Olympos. A discount on the OlymPas is offered to the employees of the institutes and organisations lister below (Rate B):

  • Utrecht University*
  • HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht
  • University Medical Center Utrecht**
  • Hubrecht Institute / Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute***
  • Utrecht School of the Arts
  • University of Humanistic Studies

Special (other) collabarative agreements:

  • GenDx (see below)
  • Genmab (see below)

Utrecht University alumni who are Friends of the Utrecht University Fund can also make use of discount rate B. 


** Rate category B also applies to partners of staff, volunteers, partners of volunteers and former staff (retirees) of UMCU.


** When purchasing the OlymPas for a period of less than six months rate category X (€ 35.55 per month) applies. When purchasing the OlymPas for a period of six months or more rate category B (€ 27 per month or € 270 per year) applies.


GenDx staff

GenDx and Olympos have drawn up a special collaborative agreement: GenDx provides their employees with the annual OlymPass and they therefore have free access to all of our OlymPas sports programmes and facilities for free for a whole year! The free annual pass can only be ‘purchased’ from the Olympos Service Desk (i.e. not online). Please bring a recent salary statement and valid ID to proof you are indeed employed with GenDx. 

Genmab employees

Genmab and Olympos have entered into a collaborative agreement. Genmab staff, therefore, now  fall under Rate X (= € 355.50) when purchasing the annual OlymPas and are also entitled to a €120 reimbursement by Genmab. In order to claim the reimbursement, they must submit an expense claim plus proof of payment to Genmab. As a result, Genmab staff only pay € 235.50 (i.e. €19.60 per month) for the annual sports card! 

Employees of other Utrecht Science Park organisations

Rate X applies to the employees of all Utrecht Science Park organisations and companies other than those mentioned above. These organisations have not (yet) entered into partner agreements with Olympos. With rate X, Olympos offers them a 10% discount on the regular rate for private individuals. 


The OlymPas can be purchased at the Service Desk or online on our website. For online purchasing click here and scroll to the table below. 

The monthly sports pass can only be purchased from the Service Desk. 
If you do not yet have an account with Olympos, you are advised first to register online for free via: Don’t forget to pick up your OlymPas from the Service Desk afterwards: your picture will be taken to be used on the pass which will be printed straightaway. Check which documents you must bring along to the Service Desk in order to provide evidence of your entitlement to the applicable discount. 

Partners of UMC Utrecht staff can only purchase their OlymPas from the Service Desk. Former staff members (retirees), voluntary workers and partners of voluntary workers of UMC Utrecht request the OlymPas by showing their UMC!UIT statement. This statement can be obtained by sending an e-mail to Click here to check which documents you must bring along and show at the Service Desk.

Company Fitness

As well as the discount already in effect (discount rate B), another sports discount valid on the OlymPas at Olympos applies to employees of Utrecht University. This discount is available under the Company Fitness Scheme

Sports days, events and meetings

The versatile facilities at Olympos can also be rented! Are you interested in renting a room, court, or pitch for a tournament, sports day, company outing, workshop, brainstorm session or other event? Contact our Planning and Rental Coordinator on (030) 253 1667 or via for further information about options, availability and rates.Besides all this, Olympos also has various meeting rooms and a Sports CafĂ© that offers a great atmosphere to relax before or after exercising.