Olympos: Utrechts number one student sports centre

From all of the member athletes at Olympos, 85 per cent are students. Their presence is demonstrated by the relaxed atmosphere which is a well-known feature of Olympos. 

Sports with a discount

Students of partner institutions play sports at Olympos with a large discount. Nowhere else in Utrecht can you take part in such a wide range of sports for such a low price with just one pass (the OlymPas).

The advantages of sports with the OlymPas

  • Nowhere else in Utrecht are students* able to be active at cheaper rates 
  • Nowhere else are you offered so many different activities through one single membership card (OlymPas)
  • The OlymPas can be purchased at any time during the year; it is valid from the day of purchase
  • You can opt for an annual OlymPas, a one or multiple months OlymPas or for a day-pass 
  • You do not have to pay registration fees and no cancellation period applies 
  • You can also become a member of one of the many student sports clubs (you pay an additional membership fee at the club)
  • Olympos boasts wide opening hours
  • Olympos has a nice Sports CafĂ©!

*  Students of Utrecht University, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Utrecht School of the Arts and University of Humanistic studies + the Utrecht MBO Institutions (rate category A).