× Currently available sports programmes: In line with the government measures and in order to combat the spread of the Coronavirus, Olympos exclusively offers outdoor sports activities for the time being. Go to this page to check which sports programmes are currently available.

Temporary sports programmes

Olympos outdoor sports

Outdoor sports: let's get on with it! 
 Yes! The time has finally come, this week we will resume the first part of our outdoor sports programme. We are very happy that we can welcome you back again and offer you some sports activities! 
Adjusted programme
In accordance with the government measures to combat the spread of COVID-19, we will recommence with a staggered, controlled and limited range of programmes. Step by step we will add more classes and opportunities to be active. For that reason, this page will be regularly updated and added to. Please see below which activities are currently available. 
Safety regulations

Obviously, the start of an ‘outdoor only’ programme asks for creative solutions and adaptations. In order to provide a safe environment it is important that everyone observes the safety rules and regulations. Make sure that you take note of all the regulations before you come to Olympos. Click here to read them


Unfortunately, indoor sports are not allowed until 1 September. Also competitions and events are not allowed yet. The sports cafe, terrace, changing rooms, showers and toilets are closed.  


OlymPas expired?

It is currently not possible to purchase a ‘separate’ OlymPas. This can only be done in combination with an online boking of a class, sport or timeslot. If you wish to make a booking when you do not/no longer have a valid OlymPas, you will automatically be offered the option to buy an Olympos for a day, month or year. 


If you have any further questions, send an e-mail to info@olympos.nl or call (030) 253 4471.     


Lots of sportive fun and see you soon!  


Adjusted programme


  • Stand up Paddling
  • The tennis courses that were discontinued because of the forced closure will be recommence this week.

Free sports

Group lessons

Student Sports Clubs

  • Most of the outdoor sports clubs are resuming their workouts this week. Your club has informed you about this (or will do so soon).
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