× Currently available sports programmes: In line with the government measures and in order to combat the spread of the Coronavirus, Olympos offers an adjusted (oudoor) sports programme. Go to this page to check which sports programmes are currently available.

Temporary sports programmes

Olympos sports programme

Current sports programmes

Please note: Due to tightened guidelines of the national government, and in order to prevent further spreading of the corona virus,the indoor facilities of Sportcentrum Olympos are closed at least until Tuesday 18 May 2021. 


Our outdoor facilities are open for:


Online booking in advance is obligatory (please click on one of the sports above for more information).

Please check the adjusted opening hours.


Student Sports Clubs

  • Tailor-made agreements have been made with our student sports clubs about their sports activities within the current safety regulations. For an overview of our student sport clubs, please click here.


Facilities rental with your OlymPas 

OlymPas holders have the opportunity to rent parts of our facilities last minute (i.e. from three days before the actual rental date) free of charge. Check the rental conditions


Safety regulations

In order to provide a safe environment it is important that everyone observes the safety rules and regulations. Make sure that you take note of all the regulations before you come to Olympos. Click here to read them


Do you not have an OlymPas or has it expired?
It is currently not possible to purchase a ‘separate’ OlymPas. This can only be done in combination with an online booking of a timeslot. If you wish to make a booking and you do not/no longer have a valid OlymPas, you will automatically be offered the option to buy an Olympos for a day, month or year (Payment via iDeal).Click here for the specific rates of the OlymPas. Are you a member of one of the student sports clubs and do you want to purchase the OlymPas? Please click here.  


Temporarily cancelled (because of the COVID measures / lockdown announced by the government):

  • Courses (at the moment only tennis courses and climbing courses) 
  • ​Fitness free sports (gym) (but you can come and train in out outdoor fitness! See below)
  • Kratistos free sports (strength sports gym)
  • Squash free sports
  • Group lessons (you can however join our running and bootcamp sessions, see below)
  • Competitions (of our student sports clubs, and the Olympos Futsal Competition, Squash ladder en Tennis ladder) 


Online Home Workouts

Do you want to workout  at home, for example because you don't want to go out, you don't have much time, or it's bad weather? On the You Tube channel of Olympos there are many different home workouts (varying from 10-40 minutes). A nice start or end of your study/work day, or ideal as an energising break! Click here for more information and an overview.   


Live Active breaks

Not enough time so you just want to interrupt the long periods of sitting down? Olympos broadcasts free so-called ‘Active Breaks’ of 10 minutes a day on our YouTube channel. These can serve as a brisk start or end or a great break during a long day of study. 

You can join in wearing your regular clothes as all exercise are ‘no sweat’. You just have to go to the YouTube channel to join in. If you wish to stay informed about any new lessons, please click subscribe or check this page for more info and the schedule.


More information & stay tuned

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