Kids Parties 

Birthday coming up? Wishing to host a fun and original kids party? At Sportcentrum Oympos we organise special sports parties for children. Healthy and active,  either inside or outdoors, and with a wide range of options: get taught cool hockey or football tricks, learn hip dance moves at a dance party, play a  knotsball (= game with a rubber ball and a club) or basketball match, or enjoy various games during an afternoon of games. It’s all possible! 

Sports party
What does your child like best? 
He / she can choose from:
  • A football party
  • A dance party
  • A hockey or floorball party
  • A climbing party*
  • A knotsball party
  • An afternoon of games 
  • A volleyball party
  • A basketball party
Have you already got some ideas? Olympos’ multi-purpose facilities make many things possible. Please tells us your plans and we will try to organise this for you! 


Kids parties at Sportcentrum Olympos are supervised by our enthusiastic trainers. The exercises are geared to the children’s ages. After the activities there will be an award ceremony. 

More information

For further information about our options, specific times and rates, please contact us by phone (030) 253 3908 or E-mail


* At climbing parties it is best to have one supervisor/parent per 3 children. A reservation for a climbing party requires a deposit of €50.

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