Sports programmes OlymPas

Sports programmes OlymPas

Sport programmes with the OlymPas

An OlymPas offers you flexible and unlimited use of almost all sporting facilities at Olympos!  


With the OlymPas you can, without extra pay:

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Become a member of Olympos: Purchase the OlymPas!

Do you want to purchase the Olympos membership (OlymPas) or do you want more information about the rates, click here.


Want to become a member to a Student Sports Club?

If you wish to become a member to an SSC, you will also have to pay (extra) membership fees to the club of your choice. The fees may differ per club. In addition to the membership fees, you are also obliged to purchase the OlymPas or a Sports Club Card. You also have to register (free of charge) as SSC member with Olympos. 

Do you want to know more about the conditions that apply to your situation and what exactly you will need to do to become a SSC member? Go to the Overview SSVs page, and check the alphabetical list for the information on your club. Please read the information under the (red) heading 'Want to become a member?' to learn how to arrange your membership.

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