Sports programmes

Sports programmes

Sportcentrum Olympos has the widest range of sports programmes in the Province of Utrecht! The special OlymPas allows you unlimited and flexible access to over 70 of the sports programmes on offer at a very cheap rate. Of course you can also choose to join one of the many Student Sports Clubs (SSCs). An ideal choice if you want to combine sports and fun social activities! 

The OlymPas: so much sport for so little money
The OlymPas offers a year of unlimited and flexible access to over 70 sports on offer at Olympos, for € 160 (students, category A), € 270 (employees, category B), € 355,50 (employees, category X) or € 395 (others, category C). 

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Becoming a member of a Student Sports Club (SSC)
Utrecht has a great variety of student sports clubs. 31 are affiliated with Olympos. Every sports club has its own atmosphere and character and organises its own activities. For more information and an overview of all sports programmes and clubs, go to the All sports clubs page. 

Online Home Workouts and Active breaks

Do you want to workout  at home, for example because you don't want to go out, you don't have much time, or it's bad weather? On the You Tube channel of Olympos there are many different home workouts (varying from 5 - 40 minutes). A nice start or end of your study/work day, or ideal as an energising break! Click here for more information and an overview.  If you wish to stay informed about any new lessons, please click subscribe.   


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