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AV Phoenix

Interested in athletics but never really engaged in it yet? Or have you been an active athlete for years and want to keep this up? Then AV Phoenix is the right place for you! AV Phoenix offers practice groups at various levels and specialisations, catering for all types of athletes. We also organise social activities such as drinks parties, BBQs and various sports events.  


Everybody can run, but can you ‘run’? During the Monday evening practices (7.30-9 PM at the  Maarschalkerweerd running track (send an e-mail for the exact location)), we focus on running ‘nicely’, core stability and, obviously, physical condition. The practice is supervised by an experienced running instructor and takes place in the middle of some beautiful countryside!


Athletics is more than just running. On Thursday nights (7-8.30 PM at the Maarschalkerweerd running track), after a joint warming-up and core training, we practise a number of technical disciplines: from pole vaulting to shot put, and from hurdling to discus throwing.  


Are you already skilled in the above disciplines and more interested in specializing in just one of them? AV Phoenix offers various specialized training sessions during the weekday evenings. Send us an e-mail or come to the club to check out our current programme!


We have practice groups at all levels! Send us an e-mail or come to the club, we will happily provide you with the necessary information.



  • The first month is free!
  • Students: from the start of the academic year until 1 January the (once-only introductory) fee is 30 euros.
  • After this introductory period, student can become members and will pay the student rate of €40.20 per three months.
  • Non-students pay € 52.50 per three months.


Further information
For further information, please contact the student board: or check:



Atletiekbaan Maarschalkerweerd
Atletiekbaan Maarschalkerweerd

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