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Olympos Futsal League

The Olympos Futsal League is aimed at students and staff in higher education in Utrecht and offers the opportunity to participate in an internal futsal league at a recreational level. The Olympos Futsal League is divided into a Thursday and Friday competition. Both competitions are divided into divisions which differ instarting times. The season runs from September to May and consists offour seperate competitions of five weeks each. You can register your team per block, but you can also register for four blocks at once (except Friday early).

Match days
The League games take place on Thursdays and Fridays. On Thursdays, the teams play in the Green Hall between 6.00PM and 11.00PM, and in the Beige Hall between 8.30PM and 11.00PM. On Fridays the matches are played in the Beige Hall from 6.00 to 11.00PM. As this is an internal league, all teams are obligated to regularly help out with the refereeing of previous or following matches.


Registration for the 2022/2023 season starts Monday 29 August 2022 7.30AM. Attention please: the deadline for registration is Friday 9 September 2022. The first matches start on Thursday 15 and Friday 16 September.

Registration is only possible online. After completing this form you will receive a link with which you can pay the deposit and / or team contribution.

There are two ways to register: by paying the team fee or by purchasing Olympasses.

Registration with an OlymPas
All players on the registration form need to purchase an OlymPas for at least the duration of the block(s) for which registration is made. Each player must also register for the futsal competition free of charge. You will receive a link for this after registration..
With the Olympas, on top of the futsal competition, players are able to participate in group lessons, free sports (fitness, squash and tennis), 7-a-side football competition or enrol into a course.

Attention: the registration of your team is complete when a minimum of six persons have purchased the Olympas. If your team is not placed in the competition, you cannot get a restitution on the costs of the OlymPas. You can use the OlymPas for many other sports.

Registration by paying the team fee
Registration can be done by paying a team fee. This fee is set at € 175 per block per team or € 700 per team for the entire season. There are no additional costs for the individual players. The amount of players in the team is unlimited, but all players have to register for free (make an acount) at Olympos in order to be able to fill in their SCO-number at the registration form. All players have to do so before the first match. Never been registered at Olympos before? Please click here. For individual registration you will receive a link as soon as possible after registration.

Checks will be done during the competition. Every participant without a registration or OlymPas, has to immediately buy an OlymPas. This has to be an OlymPas day pass at minimum.

Few overtaking opportunities
Before signing up for one or four blocks of competition, make sure your team can play on the set days and times. There are no or few overtaking moments. If your team cannot play for several weeks, sign up for the next block. Click here for an overview of the match days and times.


  • Introduction players are allowed. They will have to buy an Olympas day pass for €12 at the Service Desk before play. This day pass enables you to participate in all of the other sports in the Olympas on that day as well.
  • Players have to abide by the code regulations of the Olympos Futsal competition.
  • The competition matches are played with KNVB rules. You can find the most important rules in this document.
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