Monkey Moves

Monkey Moves

Monkey Moves, enjoyable and fun multi-sports lessons

Do you also want to instil the fundamentals of a long, healthy and active life into your child? Introduce them to Monkey Moves!

Take your monkey on a jungle trip! Together you will learn more about the ten most popular sports in the Netherlands, in a fixed and fun group with room for individual attention to work towards your monkey’s optimal sportive and social development!  

Why Monkey Moves?

The Monkey Moves lessons have been carefully designed by a team of enthusiastic sports scientists, physiotherapists, and sports instructors. Your child will learn to optimally use his or her body as well as pick up some social skills. 

"Monkey Moves is a fun multi-sports lesson for fit and confident children with a positive self-image."

What is a Monkey Moves lesson like?

During the season, all ten  different areas of sport will be addressed. Each sport will be practiced for at least three weeks. Each lesson starts with a fun warming-up dance (parents are welcome to join in!), and includes lots of music and - always - a climbing track. Check this video of a Monkey Moves Basketball lesson in Amersfoort.


The Monkey Moves lessons are open for children of 1,5 to 9 years old. The groups are divided in the developmental age categories of 1,5 to 3, 3 to 4, 4 to 6 and 6 to 9. The overlap between the groups is a conscious choice to allow each child to be challenged at their own level.
Come and join us for a FREE lesson and see for yourself! 

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